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FiltaFry is an international company of mobile franchises specializing in the micro-filtration of cooking oil and vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Today, FiltaFry is head-quartered in Orlando, Florida. It was founded in by Jason Sayers, who was a year-old software designer living outside London.

He was asked to find a way to extend the life of cooking oil used in fryers. Sayers took his idea to an engineering firm that produced hydraulic oil filtration systems for aircraft and heavy equipment. The engineering firm modified its system for use in the food service industry. FiltaFry first expanded internationally to Australia in Anyone interested in becoming part of the FiltaFry world wide team would need to step off from the UK operation as the USA only deals with the Americas and the Caribbean. Several of this company's published product lines are listed on Wikipedia already, but the company doesn't have its own page:.

I just thought that was weird.

‎Sextrology on Apple Books

I am probably just a fan of his work, but as many Puerto Ricans, Gallego is a notable spoken-word artist and singer. I only know bit and pieces, and I would like to inspire interest to someone that can access Gallego's background and can put together an article about him. This is my first article.

There appears to possibly have been 3 men alive about the same time, all with the same name, adding to the confusion. What I have found so far from owners of his paintings via the information on the back of their paintings:. His birth: If he was born in , it was most likely in Trieste. If he was born in , , , , or 11May, he was most likely born in Italy, specifically Milan.

Are these two different men?

If in Rome, did he study under Professor Ranzi? Was his first name Manuel, Hendrik, or Giuseppe? Did he paint in Holland or Capri? Do paintings have numbers like the books do with ISBN? The artist I am principally interested in paints small adobe style houses along a small white sandy beach with blue water, a fishing boat and mountains, e. One Certificate of Authenticity states: "Manuel Camprio is the artist name for Charles Lombard that he uses for lakescenes and landscapes.

It is his wife's name who is an artist as well.

The couple travel very much by housewagon along the coast of the mediterrenian, but return to Holland where actually they are living. French born and educated in Paris they migrated on account of war in They have no children and live their bohemian life. We have a very small musical theatre production company www. The 2 brothers are not remotely 'techie' We would like a genuine enthusiastic volunteer to project an article about 'The Philadelphia' on Wikipedia , - please help!! I would like to create a page about the artist Jann Haworth.

She is an international artist who pioneered soft sculpture in England in the 60's and became a leading member of the British Pop Art movement. She was the co-designer of the Beatles Sgt Pepper record cover for which she received a Grammy. She has had 9 one-person shows, is referenced in 6 books on modern art, and her work is in numerous international museums and private collections. She was a founding member of the Brotherhood of Ruralists and received a Robert Fraser Award in She is already referenced in a dozen Wikipedia articles.

Playaways are digital audio books.

The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes

I would like to avoid making it sound like an advertisement. Any suggestions? Abby , 7 October UTC. A pro-biotic. Article requested. I am the owner of ev5unleash, I knew that I could not create my OWN page about my own company so I wanted to put in a request. They create productive products and entertainment services as well as solution services and so on.

The Home of Triathlon in the Heart of Ireland

I was wondering if someone could create it for me. I would like to include a section about Nicolas Gisin who pioneered exploration in the field of Photon communication and interaction. Please submit any material which could assist in this document. Ross —Preceding unsigned comment added by In your web page you should add related pictures in different subfields of psychology.

TVbyGirls is a non-profit organziation that use media literacy to teach girls ages 10 - 18 leadership skills, to encourage critical thinking and engagment in social justice. They are Twin Cities MN based, lead media literacy workshops and have had kid generated film shorts screen throughout the US and Canada.

I'd like someone to start a new page about my job search website, JobJive. I can be a direct source for the article. Mikey , 11 October UTC. Hi - I'm new to this but wondered if it would be worth including this new ish title on Wikipedia?

NYC Subway obviously has incredible amounts of history wrapped around it. Ever wonder why so-called friends and loved press your buttons? Because they can. But you're nobody's emo-puppet. Venus conjunct Jupiter amplifies a healthful self-servingness. Scorpio Mars conjunct the Sun removes last vestiges of doubt in making any exits, allowing you to focus more on the excitement of embarking on new adventures.

Still you can get a bit neurotic, if not compulsive. If-then thinking is a trap to sidestep. You find comfort and, yes, happiness in accepting the way things are, instead of relegating joy to a future dependent on there being ducks in a row. And avoid quacky self-help.

Your mind may play tricks, but your emotions never lie. Saturn unaspected says be less hard on yourself. Sagittarius The Sun-Mars conjunct plus that of Jupiter-Venus may augment your sexy libido to outsize proportions; while also, more sublimely, rebooting your psyche. Deep-seated issues will no longer weigh on you.

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Free to dive deeper into the primordial soup, you face certain truths you feared would one day undo you. You unearth memories and stories that are ripe for expression; and as you delve more internally, you glide more gracefully on the surface. Let's recap: Profound connection with self; casual interactions with others.

Capricorn You express creativity in a unique fashion. You could elevate paint-by-numbers or string art to a MoMA level. This Mars-fueled Solstice sees you raise high that which is deemed low, discarded, or on the fringes—making the ordinary extraordinary by simple virtue of framing it as such. Does this mean so-called banal existence can be beatific.

You bet your sweet bippy it does. Confidence is confiding in yourself. Here's a self-secret for you: Life is magic and you can work it. Saturn unaspected asks you discipline yourself to have fun. Aquarius As the Sun, conjunct Mars, slides into opposition with Pluto, you must stop, drop and roll with the punches.

Star gazing: why millennials are turning to astrology

Tough-love lessons abound; and those whose affections you took for granted may divest it elsewhere—it's what you wanted, no? A seeming waning interest in your business wares can bruise your ego.

Appreciate what compliments are on offer. Let people break out of assigned roles. Take up challenges and embrace change to avoid petrification. They might seem elusive and flighty, but their ability to change with the wind makes them ever-interesting.

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